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What is a CIRRC?

Anyone can write a resume but Certified Inside Recruiter Resume Consultants (CIRRC) have a holistic understanding of the hiring process and how this can have a profound effect on resume strategy.

Inside Recruiter is a resume writing agency that provides effective resume strategies to clients based on current recruiter and employer hiring practices.

The CIRRC Certification is a designation that identifies a resume writer as a professional who has gone through additional baseline training and can implement these strategies into their resumes.


Why do you want a CIRRC to do your resume?

Landing an interview is more difficult than ever. There are countless ways to apply to jobs, which also means that recruiters are now being bombarded by more resumes now than ever. The average recruiter can receive 250+ resumes for one job posting and all of those applicants are fighting for attention and the chance to interview.

Today, along with an endless number of writers who claim to write resumes, there is also a trend of graphical resumes, and misleading information that can have a negative effect on the effectiveness of resumes when applying to jobs.

The CIRRC program focuses on qualifying professional resume writers with recruiting backgrounds. We found that recruiters who have seen thousands of resumes in their lifetime, tend to have a strong understanding of what employers look for when choosing who to interview.

To become CIRRC Certified, the resume writing consultant must exhibit a strong understanding of how recruiting processes and trends affect resume strategy.

They must be able to build resumes, regardless of industry & career level, that are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant, recruiter boolean keyword search optimized, pleasing to the eye, and that clearly target a client’s specific career goals.

What does the Certification Process include?

The CIRRC Certification Program includes:

  • Content that reviews effective resume/client consultation strategies and tips

  • One-on-one resume coaching & skills discussions

  • Evaluation and feedback regarding Resume Client Consultations

  • Final assessment that tests an understanding of resume writing skills & strategies