Job Interview: Why Handshakes Matter

Job Interview: Why Handshakes Matter

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By Natasha Aguirre, Owner/CEO

One of the most important things in an interview is a good handshake.  It sets the tone for the entire interview and believe it or not, you will be judged on your handshake. Perception is reality and if you have a great handshake you are most likely perceived as confident and trustworthy, making you more likely to be hired - if you're qualified of course.  A great handshake should be firm, use your whole hand, and consist of 2-3 shakes.

To avoid sweaty palms as much as possible, watch your breathing when you're in the lobby and try to stay calm; don't let your nerves get the best of you.  If you typically have sweaty palms, place your hands on your lap while you wait, don't clasp your hands together because that will just make the situation worse.  Maybe even have a napkin in your hand that you can easily put in your pocket or purse when the interviewer comes out to get you.

First impressions really do matter and the handshake is part of that.  A strong and confident handshake won't get you the job, but it will help people have a positive first impression of you.