Free Cover Letter Template

Free Cover Letter Template

By: Natasha Chau, Owner | CEO

Your cover letter is your first impression on a company and makes a big impact.  This is where you include your main skills and why you want to work at XYZ Company.  This is also where you can explain your resume – gaps, short tenure, etc . 

The truth is, not every company requires a cover letter, and not every recruiter reads them.  If your cover letter is a page or longer in 10 point font, I guarantee you a recruiter will never read it.  The best cover letters are short sweet and to the point – no more than a quarter to half a page long.  Remember – K.I.S.S.

To Whom it May Concern:

I have over 6 years of customer service experience including retail and banking.  I’m able to handle my responsibilities, such as balancing my register and helping with the back-office or restocking, while taking care of customers.  I worked part-time while putting myself to school and have a short gap in 2011 while I was completing an average of 20 units a quarter.

I’d love the opportunity to work as a Team Lead at XYZ Company and think my experience helping customers and training new employees makes me a great fit.  I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or if you have any questions.  Thank you for your consideration.



With a few suggestions such as academic industries, and some early career professionals a cover letter is honestly not needed. If a job doesn't advertise you need to submit one, we recommend just investing some more time into your resume. Most recruiters ignore the cover letter, but every recruiter will look at your resume. 

If you need it, you can also download our guide complete with Free Cover Letter Templates here.