10 Words to Help You Stand Out

10 Words to Help You Stand Out

By: Janine Yoro, Contributor

With the number of college graduates steadily increasing, the fight for employment intensifies. As the competition gets fierce, the job-hunting process can become discouraging. With limited job opportunities, many candidates are left fighting for the same job. However, knowing how to navigate the system and through your chosen industry will be the factor that sets you apart from other candidates.

For many employers, they know the type of candidate they want for the position. These prospective employers have an idea of who they’d like to see work for them and the type who will blend well with their team.

If you were invited to interview you were identified as “technically” qualified for the role (or they wouldn’t have wasted their time), however, many employers are looking for specific characteristics to help them to decide which candidate to hire. To embody the traits of the ideal candidate, try incorporating these words and phrases into your interview stories, accomplishments, and responses:


“Intelligence without persistence rarely leads to long-term success.” Persistence signifies the effort in doing the best you can. Employers seek persistent employees as they never give up easily and will generally produce superior results.


It is critical to highlight past achievements that have earned recognition; employers like to hear that another employer considered the candidate a star.


Candidates should make the employer believe they can produce and give the results wanted and needed to enable success for the team and company; in the way the employers want them. Producing results means the employee will get the job done. Use experience to highlight skills and traits that will help produce results.


Employers want to know the value of the candidate and the positive influence they’ll bring to the organization, especially about the corporate mission, vision, and value. Highlight the impact you will create if hired.


Some employers equate responsibility with competency. Employers seek candidates who can fulfill the job requirements and are competent to handle their responsibilities.


Communication is critical in all relationships; business and otherwise. The workplace can be a minefield of emotions, legal issues, uncertainty, lack of clarity, etc. Employers need employees who can cut through the clutter and get things done promptly.


As humans, we are all bound to make mistakes. Employers want candidates who have learned from their past mistakes and how they ensure those mistakes don’t happen again. It’s best to highlight mistakes as educational experiences.


Commitment and dedication work hand in hand. Employers like to see that their employees are committed to their job and the company. As an interviewee, explain how you’d be dedicated to the organization if hired. It’s best to keep in mind what you’re personally committed to and how that commitment can help serve the company.


Most workplaces have fast-paced environments and are constantly changing. Flexibility is a key trait to possess because it signifies adapting quickly to any given situation. Employers like to see that a candidate, if necessary, can switch different job roles with ease.


Employers seek candidates who can solve problems. Most employers want solution-based thinkers and ready-to-apply approaches. Highlight how you intend to solve certain issues you see in need of a change.

Before any interview, think of questions that the employer might ask. Practice answering those questions using these words and phrases to stay ahead of the game. It’s best always to prepare. After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.