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Resume Editor Onboarding


Welcome to Inside Recruiter!

We look forward to working with you! It is important to us that your experience is a positive one so we put together this easy to follow onboarding guide to help you understand the process and skills needed to succeed.

As a member of our Resume Editing team, you are our last line of defense before clients see the final product. We hire professionals with an eye for detailed and a passion for writing (which is how we know you were able to spot that grammar error).

If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

Welcome aboard!

Nate Pedronan

Operations Director

Inside Recruiter: Resume Writing Services



1) Understanding the Process

2) Email Set-up

3) Setting-up Portal Calendar

1) Videos: Strategy & Editing

2) Videos: Submitting Projects

3) Videos: “How-To’s & Tips (via Portal)

1) Schedule Resume Editing Call with Natasha

2) Start editing/Submit resumes for Pre-approval

3) Submit resume through Dashboard

Repeat pre-approval step (3x)

Done! Start editing on your own without pre-approval step.



Onboarding Process

This easy to follow onboarding page is meant for you to complete at your own pace.

Total time before editing your first resume time is under ~2 hrs which includes a call to review Resume Editing tips.

For onboarding you can manually add up to 2.5 hours to your upwork timecard.

Questions? email me at


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Step 1: Understanding the Process

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Inside Recruiter was built by 2 recruiters, Natasha & Nate who saw that too many people were missing out on great opportunities because they did not understand how employers and recruiters actually use/read resumes.

Our process is simple and involves 2 members of the IR Team:

THe Resume Consultant:

Every client gets a phone consultation with a Resume Writing Consultant to discuss their career goals, job strategy, and current state of their resume. This consultant will be someone with a recruiting background and they will be responsible for developing the resume and delivering the final product to the client.

The Resume Editor (This is you):

Every resume is also reviewed by a “second-pair-of-eyes”, the Resume Editor. All our resume editors have experience and strengths in the writing/proofreading industry. As a specialist with a detail-oriented eye, the Resume Editor (sometimes called the Quality Assurance (QA) team member), proofreads the Resumes and LinkedIn profiles worked on by the Resume Writing Consultants to ensure there are no mistakes before being seen by the client.

This “checks & balances” between a recruiting experienced professional and a writing/editing experienced professional helps to ensure our clients get a product that both works according to their career goals, a modern recruiting strategy, and is perfect enough to send out immediately to employers with no errors.


Step 2: Email Set-up

The first step is making sure you have an IR email. This is where you will be able to receive and reserve new projects, set up your expected availability, receive announcements and more!

If we already set-up your IR email address, you can ignore this step.

Name *

Step 3: Setting up The portal Calendar

Your IR Gmail Calendar is an easy way to communicate your preferred working hours and days/times you are or are not available.

Help us embed from your new IR calendar to your portal by watching this brief video and copy/pasting the code to this form.

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1) Watch Strategy & Editing Videos




2) Learn how to use the Portal & Submit Projects



You can access more How-to videos & Tips in your

IR Portal

Click to access.


Ready to start editing?