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Kimberly Kenner

Resume Writing Consultant

Kimberly Kenner started her work life in Business Operations, then fell into Training and Development, and transferred those skills to a 15-year stint in corporate recruiting, focusing on building teams, creating processes, and developing a strategy for her clients.  

Kimberly loves consulting, writing, developing strategy and enjoys being in the trenches of recruiting. She is a mom, a friend, a book-worm, and always in search of…everything! 


Bachelor of Art, English, CSULB

Recruiting Experience: Accounting & Finance, Administration, Banking, Business Services, Corporate, Engineering, Entertainment, Executive, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Construction, and Education and more

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Customer Testimonial

Customer: Paul Viazcan

Date: 10/08/2018

Resume Success Story: 

My original resume was too long (4 pages) and I knew I needed to minimize my resume but I did not know how to prioritize or build an effective layout. From the employer perspective, I knew that the resume lacked focus and was all over the place.

I am glad I went with Inside Recruiter to help me work on my resume. Overall my experience was amazing. Once I ordered the package that suited me and Inside Recruiter was quick to respond. I was assigned to my resume writer, Kimberly, and was excited to start.

When I had my consultation with her on the phone, Kimberly was very helpful and provided guidance on how to build the layout of my resume. I liked her approach and I still felt like I was in control of the process. In the end was very happy with how my resume turned out. I went from 4 to 2 pages and I feel like my new resume says more than my current one.

I am excited to start using my new resume and Kimberly even gave me some tricks I can use to help get me noticed. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable due to her experience.

Inside Recruiter promises what they advertise and I especially like the initial phone call because they take the time to understand you and your experience. Not many companies do this anymore and this makes it personal. I would recommend going with Inside Recruiter to get your Resume makeover.


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