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Free Cover Letter Templates

A good resume alone won’t always land you the job offer of your dreams. With the help of career experts, recruiters, and a little bit of research, we have compiled free templates, guides, and resources to help you reach the next step of your career.

Why are these resources free? Because we really do care about helping our customers and clients. We hope find value in these guides and decide to use us in the future. Thanks!

-Nate Pedronan, Operations Director | Partner

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Who Are We?

INSIDE RECRUITER is a resume writing agency that believes in helping clients reach their career goals through proven strategies. We take the time to match our clients with a resume writer who fits their goals and every resume is worked on by at least 2 resume professionals.

More importantly, every client gets to speak with their resume writer over the phone to ensure the resume is tailored to a specific job.

More Tools & Resources

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More Free Guides

Want more free stuff? Our team has compiled guides to help you with searching for new opportunities, ‘thank you’ letters, resume help and more. Download for free

Interview Products

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First impressions can make a big difference. Whether this is your first interview in a long time, or your first interview ever, let’s make sure you have everything you need to look and feel prepared.

Job Seeker Blog

Job Seeker Blog

Whether you have over 20 years of professional experience or are looking for your first interview, the job market can be difficult to navigate.

We have consolidated advice and tips for job seekers from career counselors, resume writers, recruiters, and more.