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 Inside Recruiter is the highest ranked resume writing services in Los Angeles, CA! Click  here  to read more of our yelp reviews. 

Inside Recruiter is the highest ranked resume writing services in Los Angeles, CA! Click here to read more of our yelp reviews. 


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"I contacted Natasha because I was looking for some assistance with updating my career materials. She was able to update my resume, create a cover letter template for me, and provide assistance with setting up my LinkedIn profile.She was very nice to work with and I am more than happy with what I received! I would recommend her services to anyone looking for help with their own career material needs."  - Katee Desmarais, Administrative Coordinator


"I was struggling to get a job after graduating due to many applicants wanting to work in the same industry that I wanted to work for. I used Inside Recruiter's services to help strengthen my resume and they did just that. I was hired in one of the most highly regarded studios in only a matter of 2 days after receiving my resume from Inside Recruiter. I would highly recommend their services and would use it again when I need to update my resume." - Ilyan Biteranta


"If you want the job, Tasha is your go-to-gal.  Quick to put your resume together and will give you a quick prep for the position.  You will be extremely confident walking into that interview.  I would not have landed my last 2 positions without her help & support.  Thanks for everything hun." - Joanna Gardea, Office Manager


"I was in need of some serious professional help when it came to making my resume and cover letter, lucky for me, I know Natasha. After sending her what I had constructed, and having a few conversations with her; she made my resume into something better than I had made in all my previous attempts. Not only did she help me make vital changes, but she explained the logic and relevance of each change. She helped me to better understand the application process, while changing my resume and cover letter to make them look very professional. They are now easy to read through, while better highlighting my experience and abilities. I don't know what I would have done without her, actually I would probably still be receiving rejection letters." 

- Nathaniel Brown, Assistant Manager

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