The Resume Consultation

One of the most important services Inside Recruiter provides is the Resume Writing Consultation. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference in someone’s life and why I am personally passionate about what we do. Our process and consultation style is what sets us apart from every other resume service out there.

For many clients, they don’t have anyone they can approach regarding their job search, recruiter frustrations, or career goals. Whether it is through your knowledge about recruiting, experience in career coaching, background in their industry, or simply things you have learned in your own life along the way, all I ask is you provide at least one piece of valuable advice.

Call me melodramatic, but I believe our service goes beyond a digital 1-sheet piece of paper. We help people reach life-changing goals.

If no one told you lately, thank you for being awesome.



Training Videos and Live Recordings

Pre-Consultation Checklist

Follow these steps before your consultation for an effective and professional call. Knowing your candidate even before the call starts will help set the tone in the right direction.

(7 minutes)

Live Consultation (first 15 minutes)

First impressions are everything and consultations are no different. This recording includes tips that will help make sure your consultation starts off on the the right foot.

(10 minutes)

Post-Consultation process

This video contains steps for after the consultation is completed, and tips on how to quickly complete most of the resume structure in a short amount of time.

(7 minutes)

Resume Consultation Infographic (1).png
Resume Consultation Infographic (2).png