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For many clients, this is the first time they will be working with a resume writing consultant.

It is important that they trust you as their expert and believe that their resume is being formatted and updated in a specific way for a specific reason. Make sure they understand and are on the same page with the strategy you will be implementing.

Some resumes just need formatting and others need brand new content. No matter what strategy you are implementing, make sure the client understands the “why”.


Download Checklist & Roadmap

It is way easier to find your way when you have a roadmap to follow. Download and review the two guides below. These guides were developed after reviewing hundreds upon hundreds of resume client consultations.

Simple changes in phrasing such as “tell me what you did at your last job” vs. “tell me your top 3-4 biggest accomplishments” can elicit a very different response. One of those questions will guide the client to give you easy to use bullet points. The other question will result in clients rambling on for half of the call leaving you with nothing.

Learn from our speed bumps, wrong turns, and mistakes so that you don’t have too!

build the structure of the resume before the call so you’ll know what to focus on

Provide the client value while they help you discover goals and new content for their resume

Step 2:

shadow Your First Client call

It’s time for you to shadow A ‘live’ client call! Update your Acuity calendar availability, confirm via the button below, and we will set you up to join Caroline George on her next call that fits your schedule.

See if you can identify how the call fits the Resume Consultation Roadmap

  • While you wait to be scheduled move to STEP 3

  • Calls can take be scheduled within 24 hrs - 1 week depending on your availability

Step 3: Video Tutorials


Build the Resume structure Before the consultation

Preparing the resume before the consultation will help you identify what the resume needs, what the client will be expecting, and what areas you will need to focus on during the call.


What to Prepare Right before for the call

It only takes a few seconds to make a great (or a horrible) first impression. Here are some tips & tricks of what to have ready before the call starts.


Live Client Recording

We have included a live client recording for you to review, see if you can locate the stops on our roadmap. For many clients this will be the first time they work with a resume writing consultant. Above all else, make sure they understand why the strategy you will be implementing will work and that the client already has an idea of what the final version will look like before they even get it. This is what you have been prepping for. Let’s set expectation and deliver!

View: Original Resume | Updated Resume

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Complete the Resume

Here is an example of a client consultation to help give you an idea of what to cover.


Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with difficult or unhappy clients?

Every now and then, you will run into a client with excessive questions, requests, or… a client who may be unhappy with the final result regardless of how much of an improvement their new resume may be.

It might be tempting to respond to the client’s email via email but we found that best practices is to schedule a quick 15-20 minute call with the client to address all their concerns. Trust us, scheduling a phone call to address all of the client’s concerns will save you a lot more time and energy vs. going back-and-forth via email.

What to do with happy clients?

Clients are enthusiastic about the experiences they have with a resume writing consultant! It’s not uncommon to get clients who come back or refer their friend and insist to only work with you! Don’t forget to ask these clients to write reviews or send in testimonials about their experience and the success they’ve had.

Step 4:

Your first 3 resumes for pre-approval

The next step of the process is making sure your first 3 resumes are good to go! If we can provide helpful insight/advice/corrections we will be sure to share it.



One last step to go!

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